BOSS SURF delivers one-on-one surfing and water sports lessons, camps, surf therapy, dolphin therapy and luxury retreats in California, Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands.

BOSS SURF is an exclusive surf club for change agents, innovators, executives, CEOs, angels and venture capitalists, U.S. Military officers and other surf enthusiasts.

Founded by surfing aficionado and Privilege Physician’s managing director, Rhonda Coleman Albazie in collaboration with U.S. Navy Officers and U.S. Navy Seals to offer surf therapy and dolphin therapy as safe, effective treatment for a variety of mental and physical disorders.

We surf the best waves in the world at pristine oceans having natural high fund to serve the best interests of the global community.

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    Full Service Surf Model and Media Agency delivering surf talent, surfing and water sport films and digital solutions.

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    Surf Club

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    BOSS SURF Beach Rentals in California, Hawaii, Costa Rica and South Pacific Islands.

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    BOSS SURF luxury retreats at premier resorts in California, Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands.

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    Surf and Dolphin Therapy are effective treatment for mental and physical disabilities including anxiety, depression, PTSD and more ....

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    BOSS SURF Beach Butlers deliver concierge service direct to beach -goers. Fresh towels, fruits, beverages, cabana rentals, meals and more!


Surfing Services

BOSS SURF offers surfing services including one-on-one and group surfing lessons,surf camps, water sport lessons with equipment and wet suits provided.


Beach Rentals

Rent BOSS SURF Luxury, Furnished Beach Rentals By The Day, Weekend, Week, Season or Longterm In California, Hawaii, Costa Rica and South Pacific Islands Brokered by Stan Coleman Real Estate (hyper link) One, Two or Three Bedroom Beachfront Properties Will Full Service Beach Butlers, Housekeeping and Concierge …

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With an extensive background in healthcare and outdoor recreational therapy, surfing aficionado and beach beauty, BOSS SURF founder, Rhonda Coleman Albazie aims to optimize health and deliver memorable and transformative surf experiences to BOSS SURF clients.

In addition to hosting therapeutic Surf Therapy and U.S. Military Rehab Surfing for active duty, retired military and veterans in collaboration with concierge medical firm, PrivilegePhysicians.com, PrivilegeHealth.com and GetPenifit.com , Rhonda executive produces BOSS SURF media, surf experiences, surf events and surf retreats at the world’s finest beach resorts.

‎Rhonda Coleman Albazie
BOSS Surfologist at BOSS SURF

Ryan Nadeau, a native of Southern California, is a pro body boarder, surfer and model who brings his phenomenal water sports talents, dynamic personality and people skills to pay the bills to BOSS SURF in the capacity of Operations Director. Ryan manages the day-to-day affairs of surfing lessons, classes, camps, model agency ops and surf media.

‎Ryan Nadeau
BOSS Operations Director, Instructor



Ryan was a patient and fun surfing instructor who helped me discover the confidence to balance and learn the ropes quickly. I’d recommend BOSS SURF to anyone who is interested in the best surfing instruction in Southern California.

‎Kate B. San Francisco

Surfing Therapy helped me manage and recover from PTSD. As a military veteran my recommendation is : Get BOSS SURF for surf therapy to help you deal with life’s challenges. Safer than prescription drugs and side effects include having fun, making new friends, regaining confidence in your own self healing abilities, great exercise for mental and physical fitness and a healthy escape from the daily grind

‎J.S.F., U.S.Marine Corps